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Welcome to Stegeborgsgården

Stegeborgsgården is beautifully located between the mountains at the north bank of Slätbaken, built on the historical land that formed the kitchen garden of kingGustav Wasa’s time and provided the royals at Stegeborg’s castle with fresh food and water. The well with the good water at the castle were at Stegeborgsgården and got led through the hollowed oak logs over to the castle island.

Even today Stegeborgsgården is offering what makes life good – an amazing nature with wonderful views of the mountains and both common and rare insects and plants in the forest. Fresh local products and good food served in the restaurant with Östergötland national dish, potato pancakes with pork and lingonberries, as our specialty. The water from our well lode has still a renowned fantastic fresh and good taste.

But instead of contemporary hard work at the kitchen garden, Stegeborgsgården is a place for recreation and meetings. Recreation at our comfortable beds at the hostel, by advanced mountain climbing, by a good ice cream under the pear tree in our garden, by a game with the kids at the football field or maybe on a blanket at the beach.

Meetings in the form of camps and conference facilities, a rich cultural program during the summer, personal conversations and meetings with others over a meal or in the form of a meeting.