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Restaurant, Café and Kiosk

At Stegeborgsgården we serve a lot of food on full board for groups living on the farm - then it is a specially adapted menu depending on the needs and wishes of each group. In addition, we serve food, sandwiches and coffee bread in our restaurant and café. The breakfast buffet is served after pre-booking the night before.



The restaurant serves à la carte food between 12-18:30 (high season)

  1. Hot smoked salmon, boiled potatoes, herb sauce: SEK 180 (SEK 120 children)
  2. Fried plaice with boiled potatoes and herb sauce: SEK 145 (SEK 90)
  3. Potato pancake with fried pork and lingonberry jam: SEK 140 (SEK 80)

  4. StegeBurger with fries and brioche bread: SEK 125 (SEK 75)
  • Choose meat
    • 90g Beef Vikboland meat, 90g
    • Ostrich Vikboland meat
    • Vegan Chickpea Burger (that we make ourselves)
  • Choose between
    • ORIGINAL - salad tomato cucumber dressing onion
    • PESTO - pesto sun-dried tomatoes mozzarella cucumber salad onion
    • CHEVRE - chèvre cheese dijon mustard tomato cucumber onion
    • PICO - strong tomato sauce Pico de Gallo, Nocho chips, salad cucumber onion

Salad buffet, bread and coffee included (not in catering).

Children's menu

  1. The entire menu is available in smaller portions and adapted layout - prices in parentheses above
  2. Pancakes, 3 pcs with vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam: SEK 50

Everything on the menu is available for catering. Call and order, make an appointment, pick up!

Our pricing strategy >

Café and kiosk

Café and kiosk

Reception and café open between 08:00 and 20:00 daily.
You can always buy coffee with coffee bread, sweets, ice cream and sandwiches

  1. Salmon sandwich: SEK 75
  2. Meatball sandwich: SEK 75
  3. Added herring: SEK 75
  4. Long open sandwish with cheese and ham: SEK 45
  5. Simple sandwich with cheese/ham or just cheese: SEK 25

Our pricing strategy >

Local suppliers

Local suppliers

Around Stegeborgsgården there are several local food producers that we proudly collaborate with.

A few miles from the campsite, in Vånga Häradshammar, is the ostrich farm Vikbolands Struts. On the farm there is the opportunity to meet the ostrich up close, the world's largest living bird, which roams freely in large enclosures with the opportunity to enter when they wish. From here we get locally produced beef in the form of sausages, hamburgers or smoked meat. The farm also runs organic cattle breeding and from there we get both meat and hamburgers.

Another successful partner is Sänkdalen farm in Vikbolandet. Sänkdalen engages in organic farming and milk production and refines various products from it. The largest is the soon-to-be nationally known cold-pressed rapeseed oil, which Stegeborgsgården both uses and is a retailer of. As well as the major investment of recent years, the organic ice cream, made from home-produced milk and cream.
The ice cream is now available in many different flavors and we sell some of them in our restaurant/kiosk.

For our famous salad buffet and our raggmunk, we use, as often as we can, potatoes from Lelle's Farms - "logically grown in the Norrköping region". Lelle also grows the country's tastiest carrots according to both us and more tests.

Feel free to visit our producers or their websites, they all have some kind of farm sale.

More info

More info

Our restaurant and café house two bright dining rooms, both with a view of the lake, which together have room for around 70 guests.

Many of the dishes are prepared from locally produced ingredients from one of the local partners. One of our most appreciated classics is our well-known Raggmunk, incidentally Östergötland's regional dish, which is served with fried pork and lingonberry jam. Our organic beef and ostrich meat in the hamburgers comes from Vikbolandskött. The cafe menu mostly includes home-baked coffee bread and sandwiches. We sell locally produced ice cream from Sänkdalen farm in Vikbolandet. In our tea range you will find, among other things, the Stegeborgsblandningen, a full-bodied black tea blend with fruity tones, which is only available with us.

With the food, you can choose to drink one of the classic soft drinks, mineral water, light beer or why not our own good spring water. We are an alcohol-restrictive farm. For the holiday breakfast, you have the opportunity to buy freshly baked breakfast bread in the kiosk, where there is also a smaller assortment of other foods. Outside the campsite's opening hours, we offer food and coffee to pre-ordered groups and arrange party dinners and offer catering.

If you are hypersensitive to any food, our staff can help you find the right information.