Relax for a while...



Eating is a source of joy for all senses. The good taste, aroma, texture and structure, the visual impression of beautiful well-cooked food and the sound of that fantastic word – go ahead.

Eating is also largely associated with relaxation and recuperation for the body. To sit down for a while and once again fill their energy stores. And also get to enjoy food that someone cooked for themselves, to have it served and not having to wash up after themselves makes it into recreation.

We serve food, sandwiches and cakes at our restaurant and cafe. Many dishes are prepared from locally produced row material from someone of the local partners. One of our most popular classics is our famous Potato Pancake, incidentally the dish of Östergötland, served with fried pork and lingonberries.

In the kiosk we serve ice cream in various forms, but also  candy, baguettes, drinks and coffee. A favorite among many is to buy a cup of coffee, a good ice cream and maybe something to read and sit at our garden under the pear tree and just enjoy life for a while. When the sun is high in the sky and the beach is full of sunbathers and swimmers, we believe that many people appreciate getting to sit with their toes in the water and lick on a delicious ice cream, so we go there with our mobile ice cream kiosk.

For those who want to enjoy our good food elsewhere we’re also offering catering services. Most often we serve festive buffets that we’re delivering to the selected party room. Our chef makes menu for each unique occasion that suits your requirements.

Both the restaurant and the kiosk are open every day during the summer season. During the rest of the year we serve pre-booked groups.